Ayacon 2009 in brief.

Having finally recovered from Ayacon, here's a bunch of pics for you to peruse. Captions when I get round to it.

Stuff of note... (most of these refer to at least one picture in the gallery - try and match them!)

* Virgin Trains have very fancy trains. Calling one of them "Virgin Invader" was not the best decision ever though.
* It helps if you finish building your venue before holding conventions and such there.
* Go Team Retard is as good as ever on Anime Name That Tune.
* Haruko Momoi is truly amazing in concert, I've never seen someone be that energetic for over an hour. And she sings "Video Killed The Radio Star" pretty damn well for a non-English speaker.
* Tons of awesome cosplay as always
* Warwick's eating facilities suck donkey balls.
* The dealers' room, good God the dealers' room. Among my haul was a Bleach figurine - three guesses which character.
* On a brief excursion to the games room for a few rounds of Rock Band I heard the most epic rendition of Ramblin' Man. The guy didn't even need to look at the screen.
* Awesome parties and far far too much alcohol for the win.
* There Will Be Brawl is something else you Zero Punctuation viewers should check out.
* If it's for charity, people will in fact pay £50 for a cardboard box painted red (Because it's three times better than a regular box, natch).
* Team Rocket finally captured Pikachu, and all they had to do was cough up £105. They could have made more than that winning a single trainer battle!
* There are people willing to do a burlesque routine in front of a crowd of anime fans.
* Taiko drumming is awesome.
* Square-Enix and Capcom have money in the bank if they ever did "Resident Fantasy VII: Aeris Rising".
* Even the totally straight-laced student council president has to kick back and down Smirnoff Ice once in a while. Dealing with Sunohara on a daily basis will do that to a girl.
* Coventry weather follows peoples' moods perfectly. The morning of leaving, it rained.

Roll on Amecon 2010!

Hard drives

Ok, I have two replacement disks being delivered as I managed to be unlucky enough to have both my 250gig drives fail on me. Question is, should I use these replacements or flog them on eBay and buy a different model (not that there's any reason these should fail...)?